Erste Tage in der Kinderkrippe / First days in the Nursery


Schlupp settled very well in in the nursery, which he is attending since June. Here are some impressions from the play-carpet, the exteriors, playing with Mathis at the toy box and the group-strollers.
I hope to be able to post more often in the future now, that I’ve got three hours a day only for myself! 🙂
Schlupp hat sich prima seit Anfang Juni in der Krippe eingelebt. Hier sind ein paar Impressionen (s. Fotobeischriften).
Ich hoffe, dass ich nächster ZEit wieder öfter zum posten komme. Jetzt habe ich ja schon drei Stunden am Tag nur für mich! 🙂


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Everybody's got good and bad times - usually several times a day. In my blogs, I want to share my personal special moments and hand on useful information to people who find themselves confronted with similar problems as I do.

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